2020-04-27 09:20:56

Shafaq News / The shuttering of the U.S. economy due to the coronavirus pandemic is a shock of historic proportions that will likely push the national unemployment rate to 16% or higher this month and require more stimulus to ensure a strong rebound, a White House economic adviser said on Sunday.

These unprecedented restrictions have caused a record 26.5 million Americans to seek unemployment benefits since mid-March.

" I think the next couple of months are going to look terrible," said “It’s a really grave situation,” President Donald Trump’s adviser, Kevin Hassett. " You’re going to see numbers as bad as anything we’ve ever seen before”.

In light of sporadic protests across the country demanding the end of work orders to stay at home, Tennessee said it would allow restaurants to open on Monday. Those orders will expire in Mississippi on the same day.

This comes as other US states are preparing to lift the restrictions on Corona virus this week, despite warnings from many public health experts.

Health experts say an increase in human interaction could trigger a new wave of cases of Covid-19 disease, caused by the highly contagious Corona virus that has killed nearly 54,000 Americans so far.

Colorado, Mississippi, Minnesota, Montana, and Tennessee states will join other states in trying to reopen their economies without testing, as well as in the absence of the infrastructure needed to limit the spread of the disease, which health experts say is needed to prevent the return of infections and endangering lives.

Indeed, Georgia, Oklahoma and Alaska have taken steps to reopen their economies a month after the government-ordered closure measures.