2019-10-21 09:20:51

Shafaq News / US forces in northeast Syria withdrew on Monday to Kurdistan region of Iraq.

"Rudaw" Kurdish-speaking TV station said in an urgent news broadcast this morning that the US forces have withdrawn from (West of Kurdistan) to Iraq through (Sahila) road in Dohuk province in Kurdistan region.

The station added, quoting its correspondent in Syria that 100 four-wheel drive wheels and a military vehicle withdrew from (west of Kurdistan) towards Kurdistan region, pointing out that those wheels carries less than 300-400 US troops within the international coalition against ISIS.

For its part, "SANA" Syrian official TV said that a military convoy of about 20 vehicles and military vehicles headed from the countryside of Aleppo through a hill road to Iraq after evacuating the military base of Sereen in Aleppo northeastern countryside.

It noted that US forces also destroyed the illegal al-Qulayb base, which had a runway for military transport aircraft and helicopters, in Tal Baidar area. Soldiers at a military base near al-Sabee of Nissan dam southwest of Tal Baidar began evacuating the base.

The agency pointed out that the American occupation forces entered a convoy of more than 100 empty trucks accompanied by military vehicles from (north of Iraq) to Syrian territory towards Qamishli city in the west, pointing out that this convoy headed to Abdul Aziz mount, southwest of Hasaka to evacuate warehouses from the points and American centers.

On Sunday, US Defense Secretary, Mark Esper announced that 1000 troops withdrawn from north of Syria were expected to be transferred to west of Iraq.

The US official pointed out that the forces in west of Iraq will focus on helping to defend Iraq, and fight ISIS terrorist organization, according to "Reuters".