2020-03-19 07:24:48

Shafaq News / The UAE said it will prevent foreigners from entering and ban its citizens from traveling abroad, adding that anyone coming to it from abroad must adhere to a home quarantine for two weeks in strengthening measures to counter the spread of Corona virus.

The UAE, a major transit hub , tourism and business center in the region, said on Wednesday that every person coming to the UAE must "stick to the duration of house quarantine for his 14-day residence" from Thursday.

"Violating the instructions ... is a crime punishable according to the laws of the state," Emirates News Agency quoted Emirati Attorney General Hamad Saif Al Shamsi as saying. He added, "The Public Prosecution will strictly apply the law to anyone who violates these instructions."

The UAE has banned travel of its citizens abroad and has said that it will suspend the issuance of visas on arrival from Thursday until further notice. It has already prevented entry of non-meeting visa qualifications on arrival.

The committee responsible for the Expo 2020 Dubai held a remote meeting on Wednesday, in the presence of representatives of the countries participating in this international event, to consult on the impact of Corona virus on their preparations. The UAE hopes to boost its economy with this major exhibition, which kicks off in October. A statement said that the committee will meet again in the coming weeks to assess the situation.