2019-12-01 07:42:42

Shafaq News/ 20 U.S. trucks entered the Iraqi-Syrian border into Syrian territory, Syria television announced.

Syria TV published on its account on "Facebook" news about "the entry of 20 trucks belonging to the U.S. occupation forces from Iraq to al- Hasaka province loaded with logistical assistance."

60 military vehicles and trucks belonging to U.S. forces, were re-located a few days ago, in Rumailan area ​​ near the oil fields after being withdrawn from the majority of their positions in the northern countryside of Raqqa province and western countryside of al-Hasaka province.

In the past few days, a convoy of about 20 military vehicles, four-wheel-drive vehicles and fuel trucks belonging to U.S. forces have also crossed the al-Hasakah city and headed south on the Shadadi-Deir Ezzor road.

The U.S. military withdrew and returned its troops and equipment more than once before the start of the "spring of peace" military operation north of Syria in Aleppo countryside" and "Jalabiya" in Raqqa countryside.