2019-09-29 10:09:36

Shafaq News/ Makkah Province police issued on Sunday morning the first urgent statement regarding the death of the Saudi Royal Guard Brigadier , Abdul Aziz bin Badah Al Fagham, who is the bodyguard of King , Salman bin Abdul Aziz.

Makkah police said in a statement, according to the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) "on the evening of Saturday, 29/1/1441 A.H., when the brigade of the Royal Guard , Abdul Aziz bin Badah al-Fagham was on a visit to his friend ,Turki bin Abdul Aziz al-Sabti, at his home in al-Shatee neighborhood in Jeddah  , a friend named Mamdouh bin Meshaal Al -Ali entered the house  and during a conversation, the discussion between Major General Abdul ,Aziz Al Fagham and Mamdouh Al -Ali raged and the latter went out of the house and returned with a gun."

Makkah police noted that " he shot Major General Abdul Aziz al-Faghm  ; which led to his injury and two other who are in the house, the brother of the owner of the house and one of the workers of Philippines nationality “.

The statement added, "When the security authorities headed to the site, in which the culprit was inside it, he started firing the police, refusing to surrender, which necessitated dealing with him as dangerous “.

Mecca police pointed that, the incident resulted in "killing the perpetrator by the security forces and the death  of Major General Abdul Aziz al-Faghm after being taken to hospital due to the bullet injury done by the perpetrator."

The statement added that the incident resulted in the injury of Turki bin Abdul Aziz al-Sabti from a Saudi nationality and Jeffrey Dalfino Sarpuz Ying from a Filipino nationality who were at home.

Mecca police confirmed that "five security men were injured due to indiscriminate shooting by the culprit. All the injured were taken to hospital for treatment and their condition are good."