2020-03-31 08:15:26

Shafaq News/ The US Department of Defense announced the death of the first US soldier to be infected with pneumonia, caused by Corona virus, and at the same time revealed a sharp increase in the number of soldiers infected.

The Pentagon said the soldier was a member of the New Jersey National Guard, and had confirmed that he had contracted the Covid-19 virus and had been hospitalized since March 21, but he died on Saturday.

Earlier on Monday, the US Department of Defense confirmed that 568 soldiers had contracted the virus, up from 280 on Thursday.

Reuters news agency reported in a report last week that the US military decided to stop providing more detailed information about Corona virus infection among its soldiers, due to its fears that opponents would use the information with the spread of the virus.

US President Donald Trump considered that the next 30 days will be critical to the US battle with Corona virus.