2019-10-19 11:44:39

Shafaq News/ The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) called on Saturday for international observers to maintain a ceasefire agreement in northern Syria announced two days ago.

"We call on the United Nations, the UN Security Council, the Arab League, and in particular the United States of America, as the mediator of this agreement and its sponsor, to take its responsibilities and move immediately to send international observers with a view to maintaining the permanent ceasefire agreement and making it always conducive to withdrawal," the Syrian Democratic Council said in a statement. "The Turkish occupation army, whose armed groups are committing genocide, is also confirmed by Amnesty International in its report."

The statement added, "We affirm that the fastest way to fully end the Syrian crisis is the sponsorship of the United Nations for a genuine and constructive dialogue on the basis of the political solution and the relevant resolutions of international legitimacy."