2020-02-26 10:29:26

Shafaq News / Iranian President Hassan Rouhani confirmed on Wednesday, that no quarantine will be imposed on any city or place in the country, calling on the people "not to care about the rumors."

Rouhani said during the governments’ meeting that "the decision to suspend schools and universities or impose any restrictions because of Corona will be in the supervision of the National Committee to Combat Virus," after student unions in more than 50 universities issued a statement describing the president's decision to resume work in schools and universities from Saturday as "dangerous".

The Iranian President added "We do not underestimate or increase the statistics on Corona, as the Ministry of Interior assured that the true numbers of the infections and the deaths should be announced," stressing that his country will be able to produce millions of diagnostic requirements within a short period of time to distribute them to hospitals that witness, according to their statistics, "a decrease in the numbers of those infected with Corona.

He added that "a senior American official spoke about Corona virus in Iran, while 16,000 citizens were killed in America as a result of influenza," calling on the US administration to "pay attention to the thousands of American victims who died after having influenza virus."

Rouhani stressed the need "not allow enemies to convert Corona virus into a weapon in their hand in order to disrupt work and production in Iran."

Rouhani's comments came in response to US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who said that Washington was very concerned that Iran had hidden vital details about the spread of Corona virus in the country.