2019-11-17 08:16:48

Shafaq News/ “Iran is not Iraq or Lebanon," Hosam al-Din Ashna, the adviser of the Iranian president, said, commenting on demonstrations in most Iranian cities over the past two days.

"Iran is not Iraq or Lebanon, and the U.S. embassy in Tehran has also been closed for years," Ashna tweeted "We will not allow media to determine our fate."

"The opportunists at home and abroad have made a strategic mistake again," Ashna said.

The president's advisor stressed that his country will not allow media to decide the fate of the country.

Over the past two days, most Iranian cities have witnessed widespread protests against the decision of raising gasoline prices in the country.

On Thursday evening, the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) issued a statement announcing a 3-fold increase in the price of gasoline compared to its previous price.