Rouhani: Any country will not withstand six months in facing sanctions on Iran and the supreme leader determine our policy

Category: World

Date: 2019-09-03T11:10:18+0000

Shafaq News/ The Iranian President ,Hassan Rouhani announced that his country has not made a decision to negotiate with the United States, pointing out that sometimes there is a misunderstanding of the statements, and Tehran has not and will not intend to negotiate directly with America and that the Supreme Leader of Iran is the one who determined the origins of Iranian policy.

He pointed out that it is possible for Washington to return to the 5 + 1 meetings if it lifts all sanctions against Tehran, stressing that the diplomacy door will never close, resistance and diplomacy complement each other.

He said the Americans' plans in the past 16 months were to impose harsh sanctions on Iran so that it could not withstand more than six months, pointing out that if any country in the world had been subjected to the pressure as his country had , it would not have survived for more than six months.

President Rouhani said in the public session of the Iranian Shura Council that if Europe complied with part of its commitments, Iran could reconsider its reduction of its commitments, noting that it could go back to square one when it wanted to, and that was easy for us.

He stressed that after the third stage, Tehran will continue its negotiations with the other parties, and if the negotiations with the other party does not reach any results until Thursday , it will be the third step, stressing that the United States is aware that the economic war will fail as the military war failed decades ago.