2019-09-04 12:27:09

Shafaq News/ The Former US Secretary of Defense General , James Mattis considered Pakistan the most dangerous country in the world, because of the religious extremism of society , radical fundamentalism and increasing its nuclear arsenal.

In his book Call Sign Chaos: Learning to Lead, he wrote: "Of all the countries I have dealt with, I consider Pakistan the most dangerous."

Speaking at the International Relations Council in New York, Mattis, who led US forces in Afghanistan for some time, said that "extremism in society is the cause of the danger," noting that "Pakistani military" agree with him.

"They know what is happening, they understand it, when a society is extremist, adding to it that it is the world's fastest growing nuclear arsenal, You understand why I think we need to focus on arms control and nonproliferation, that's the biggest problem now,” he noted.

Mattis and his views are so widely respected both inside and outside the United States to the extent that Democratic House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi considered his resignation from Trump’s administration as the last sensible withdrawal of the current president's entourage.