2020-02-24 07:37:51

Shafaq News / The Kuwaiti Ministry of Health announced on Monday that it had discovered three cases of Coronavirus among the returnees from the Iranian city of Mashhad.

Concurrently, Bahrain announced recording the first infection with the virus.

The ministry explained that the Bahraini citizen suspected an infection by a Bahraini person showing symptoms of the virus and was immediately transferred for treatment and isolation in "Ibrahim Khalil Kano" health center in al- Salmaniya area.

The ministry added that after confirming that he was infected with the virus, the authorities began applying the necessary procedures for treatment and taking the necessary measures regarding the people who had been in contact with the patient.

The Ministry of Health indicated that it "continues its measures to combat the spread of the virus in Bahrain, by ensuring that all arrivals from endemic countries are monitored for 14 days by a specialized public health team and contacted daily to ensure that they are free of any symptoms and adhere to the isolation guidelines."

The ministry also called on citizens and residents to stay in their homes in separate rooms, and call 444, if they feel symptoms associated with the COVID-19 virus such as high temperature, coughing, difficulty breathing, or if they travel to one of the countries affected by the virus or were in contact with one of the travelers or with one of the infected by the virus.