2020-05-16 14:14:24

Shafaq News/ The Iranian Ministry of Health has announced that 1757 new cases of coronavirus have been registered in the past 24 hours and 35 new deaths, which is the lowest death rate in two months.

"1757 new cases of Corona virus were recorded, bringing the total number of people infected in the country to 118,392 people, 2716 of whom are in critical condition, and 35 new deaths from Corona virus, bringing the total deaths to 6,937,”a  statement of the Iranian Ministry of Health read on Saturday.

"The number of people recovering from corona virus infection has risen to 93147 people, as well as conducting 672679 diagnostic tests for Corona in Iran to date."

The ministry pointed out that "the health situation in Khuzestan province is still dangerous, calling on citizens to" adhere to the rules of social separation and take the necessary preventive measures.