2020-03-01 07:49:57

Shafaq News / The Iranian consultative center in Syria confirmed that the Turkish army forces have launched strikes on military sites belonging to the Iranian forces and their allies from the Shiite militias supporting the Syrian army, in the city of Idlib in northern Syria.

The center said in a statement published by Iranian official media that "the Revolutionary Guard forces, Hezbollah and the rest of the Shiite militias have participated with the Syrian army forces in opening the entire international route" Aleppo - Damascus ", known as" M5 ".

The Iranian statement did not reveal the extent of the damage and deaths among the Iranian forces as a result of the Turkish army bombing its military sites in Idlib last night.

The Iranian statement added that what it called "resistance factions" were able to respond to the fire of the Turkish forces, but didn’t in respect of the decision of the military leadership, noting that "the decision not to strike the Turkish forces in Syria is still in effect."

"Despite the defensive stance of our forces, the Turkish army from targeted us, and we sent mediators to the Turkish army to stop the assault ... but the Turkish army did not take our request into consideration and continued to strike us," the statement added.