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Iran .. Corona death toll rises to 12 and "the Ministry of Health" reveals burial method

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Date: 2020-02-24T11:36:37+0000
Iran .. Corona death toll rises to 12 and "the Ministry of Health" reveals burial method

Shafaq News / The Iranian Ministry of Health announced, on Monday, the new death toll of Corona virus which reached 12.

"The number of deaths across Iran has reached 12, while 47 others have been infected with this virus," the Iranian Minister of Health Saeed Namki said, while attending a session held in an Iranian parliament openly to discuss the outbreak of Corona virus.

"The closure of schools and universities will be determined on the basis of the existing conditions in the country and announced through the official media," Namki added, according to what the Iranian press quoted.

In the same context, the Iranian Ministry of Health announced that it will not hand over the bodies of the dead people from Corona virus to their relatives for burial ceremonies, noting that it will bury them.

"The medical authorities and the Ministry of Health will not allow the delivery of the bodies of people who died due to Corona virus to their families, and that the Ministry of Health will take charge of burying them," said Dr. Reda Kalbira, head of the Hospital and Services Administration Center at the Ministry.

He added in an interview with the Iranian Students News Agency “ISNA”, that “the Ministry of Health will place the body of the dead person because of Corona in a fully covered coffin, and no one has the right to open the cover,” stressing that “people who died recently due to Corona were buried under the supervision of the Ministry of Health “.