2020-01-30 10:28:18

Shafaq News/ The Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs called on the government and police of France to refrain from using violence and excessive force against peaceful demonstrators and observe their legal rights.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry published on its page on "Twitter" ,a video of the French police dealing with the demonstrators violently, and wrote: "We call on the government and the police in France to refrain from the use of force and blatant violence in facing legal, calm and unarmed demonstrations of the protesters and observance of their rights."

On Tuesday, clashes took place between the French police and firefighters, who are protesting in the capital, Paris, against working conditions, wages and rewards for firefighters, as the police fired gas bombs and water cannons at the firefighters' protesters.

In France, demonstrations continue to increase pressure on the government through new strikes, which called on trade unions to paralyze the movement in the country in various sectors, the most important of which is transportation, in protest against the draft law to reform the pension systems presented by the government.

The unions organized demonstrations in Paris and its environs, as in several French cities to condemn this reform, which the government and President Emmanuel Macron insist on proceeding with its implementation. The unions said that about 800,000 demonstrators took the streets of French cities without counting those who demonstrated in the capital, Paris.