2019-11-19 07:33:55

Shafaq News/ Iran's Revolutionary Guards announced that three members of the Basij mobilization force and the Revolutionary Guards were killed in Tehran province in a riot.

A statement of the Revolutionary Guards said that "three mobilizers and the Islamic Revolutionary Guards have been martyred on the road to maintaining security in the country and during the fight against the wicked and rioters."

The statement added that security personnel were killed "similar to the assassinations carried out by the terrorist group of Khalq in the eighties," noting that "they were ambushed and besieged before being killed with white arms."

It pointed out that the funeral of their bodies will take place on Wednesday, in Malard and Bharistan cities.

The Iranian government spokesman, Ali Rubaie, said in a statement published today on the official website of the agency commenting on the protests, that "they have been told in some reports that there were those who used weapons and wounded a number of security forces, referring to the killing of a security element."

On Thursday evening, the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) issued a statement announcing a 3-fold increase in the price of gasoline compared to its previous price in the country, amid widespread negative reactions inside the country, including some from Iranian parliamentarians and government officials.