2020-05-02 10:54:01

Shafaq News/ Confirmed COVID-19 cases have hit 3.3 million globally, with the death toll surpassing 238,000 and more than one million patients recovered, according to the latest statistics released by Johns Hopkins University.

The epidemic that affected 187 countries resulted in 3344402 people being infected and 238787 deaths.

University data showed a list of the countries most affected in terms of the number of Covid-19 infections, as the United States topped it with 1103,371 infected, followed by Spain with 213435, then Italy with 207,428, and Britain with 178,685, followed by France with 167,305 then Germany with 164,077 infected.

The statistic also included the countries that recorded the most deaths from the Corona virus, topping the United States of America with 65068 deaths, then Italy with 28236, followed by Britain with 27583, Spain with 24628, then France with 24,543 deaths.

Since January 2020, the world has been facing a crisis caused by the outbreak of the novel Corona virus "COVID-19", which has led to huge losses in many economy, especially transport, tourism and entertainment sectors, the collapse of global exchanges and the acceleration of the decline in energy markets.

The World Health Organization (WHO) stressed the need to continue to adhere to the necessary health measures until victory over the epidemic.