2020-03-22 07:16:08

Shafaq News / The death toll from Corona epidemic in Italy has been estimated as 5000  people, 800 of whom have died in the past 24 hours in an unprecedented daily count in the country, at a time when the government has taken new measures to reduce the epidemic.

Italy, which witnessed the outbreak of the virus a month ago, is the most affected country in the world from Corona epidemic. The Italian authorities counted 6,557 new cases of the epidemic in another record number of concern.

The largest number of deaths (546) was recorded in the region of Lombardy (North), in addition to about half of the new casualties.

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced, on Saturday night, the cessation of "all productive activities" that are not considered necessary in terms of providing basic commodities to the population.

He said that the government decided to "close all productive activities" that are not considered "necessary, important and vital", in an additional step that comes in the framework of the measures taken in an attempt to eradicate the emerging corona virus.

 He added that pharmacies, supermarkets, food stores, postal and financial services, insurance and transportation will continue to operate.

"We are slowing the country's productive engine, but we are not stopping it," he said, describing the move as "not easy."

"We cannot hide the truth before us every day. It is the most serious crisis that the country has witnessed since the Second World War," Conte added.

"The adopted measures will take some time before their results appear. We must continue to respect all these rules patiently and with confidence. They are cruel, I know that. But we have no alternative. We have to resist, it is the only way to protect ourselves and those we love.

Local authorities have asked the Prime Minister to approve "wider coercive measures" and impose "new restrictions" that are more severe than banning gatherings and more stringent than those imposed on movements since March 10.