2019-10-27 08:39:59

Shafaq News/ The discovery the tooth of a Neanderthal man in Faili Kermashan was now among the top 10 archaeological discoveries in the world for 2019, according to the American International Journal of Archeology.

The tooth was discovered in Wazmeh cave in the western province of Kermashan this year by a group of archaeologists working at the Iranian National Museum and archaeologists from French universities and museums.

The magazine explained that the tooth was found in Zagros mountain range, which was thought to be related to the "Homo sapiens" by mistake, actually belongs to a child of the Neanderthals who lived between 40 to 70 thousand years BC.

The results of the experiments show that the discovery is the first evidence of the existence of Neanderthals in Kermashan, adding that this species was living in large areas of Europe and Western Asia BC 40 thousand years.