2020-03-03 07:16:20

Shafaq News / Iranian media said that the adviser to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, “Hussein Sheikh Al-Islam,” was infected with the new Corona virus after testing for this virus.

“I have been informed that Hussein Sheikh Islam, Adviser to the Minister of Foreign Affairs (Muhammad Jawad Zarif), has also been affected by the emerging corona virus, and he joined the convoy of officials infected with this virus. ”

In the same context, the World Health Organization announced, on Monday, that an employee of its office in the Iranian capital, Tehran, was infected with the new Corona virus, according to a tweet through its official account.

"It has now been proved that a WHO staff member in our country office in Iran is infected with the emerging corona virus and has a mild disease," the WHO wrote.

Meanwhile, the CEO of the National Bank of Iran (Melli) and President of the Association of Banks, Mohammad Reza Hussein Zadeh, announced on Monday, the death of four Iranian bank employees as a result of infection of the new Corona virus.

Hussein Zadeh wrote in his official account on “Instagram” that “four Iranian bank employees died due to Corona virus”.