2019-10-22 10:25:54

Shafaq News/ The leader of the Liberal Party of Canada ,Prime Minister ,Justin Trudeau has promised after his party won parliamentary elections to make life easier in Canada and take decisive action to combat climate change.

"Canadians rejected separation and passivity. They refused to cut costs and austerity and voted to resolve the latest issues and critical actions in climate change," Trudeau said in a speech in Montreal after his party's victory on Monday.

"We will make life easier, we will fight climate change, we will remove weapons from our streets, and will continue to invest in Canadians."

Trudeau thanked his supporters from the Liberal Party, volunteers, leaders of other parties and their families.

For his part, the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, the main rival of the Liberal Party, Andrew Sher said that he personally congratulated Trudeau victory.

Based on the results of the preliminary counting of votes in all 338 Canadian electoral districts, the Liberal Party led by Prime Minister ,Justin Trudeau, which leads the parliamentary elections, was unable to obtain an overwhelming majority of 170 seats. The party will now have to look for a partner in parliament while the Conservative Party won 119 electoral districts.