2020-02-12 10:27:36

Shafaq News / Earth will witness on Saturday, a massive planet passing rapidly that could lead to widespread destruction throughout the planet if the Earth is actually hit.

The giant asteroid, with a diameter of 440 to 990 meters, is officially known as 2002 PZ39, as it moves at a speed of 57,240 km / h.

A space rock of this size moving at a tremendous speed, can collide with Earth with the power of a large thermonuclear bomb, creating massive fiery storms, an earthquake, and possibly a tsunami, depending on the location of the strike.

Previously, NASA said: "We believe that any object greater than one to 2 km, can have disastrous effects worldwide."

The 2018 National Near-Earth Object preparedness strategy and action plan reveals that asteroids with a diameter of one kilometer and above can cause damage on a global scale.

Fortunately, as the asteroid approaches Earth on Saturday, February 15 at 6.05 EST, the space rock will pass more than 5.77 million km from Earth.

However, NASA classifies any NEO, 4.65 million miles away from us, as a "potential hazard".