2019-10-14 13:22:19

Shafaq News / SANA news agency reported that "about 150 American and foreign troops left the Syrian territory to Iraq from the illegal Rahiba airport in Malikiyah countryside."

The US Defense Secretary , Mark Esper has announced that "US President Donald Trump ordered the withdrawal of about a thousand troops from northern Syria," at a time the number of people fleeing the Turkish attack reached to 130 thousand.”

He said in a television interview, "The decision was made after the United States learned that Turkey intends to expand its operation in Syria more than expected," pointing out that " the Syrian Democratic Forces" is seeking to conclude a deal with the Syrian regime and Russia to address the Turkish attack in northern Syria. "We find that we probably have American troops stuck between two armies in a confrontation that is advancing, a situation that cannot be allowed to continue," he said.