2020-04-30 13:22:55

Shafaq News / Men's Union in Kurdistan Region announced, on Thursday, an increase in cases of violence against men in the region during the curfew period of Corona virus crisis.

"In the first three months of 2020, statistics on violence against men rose, and 175 complaints of men who were subjected to violence were recorded," Burhan Ali , The organization’s secretary told Shafaq News, noting that "17 suicides and murders by women were recorded with the help of relatives."

During the 10th of last March to the 10th of April current year, which is the period of domestic quarantine in Kurdistan Region, Ali said, "87 complaints and seven suicides and murders were recorded," explaining that "the most violent cases were verbal violence, mistreatment, disrespect and the expulsion of men from their homes by their wives and the wife’s family interfering in problems between the spouses. ”

"In the last three months of 2019, 136 complaints and 13 suicides were recorded,” Ali added

Ali attributed the high cases to "quarantine and non-payment of salaries", pointing out that "the Men's Organization in Kurdistan Region does not have the financial support to hire lawyers to defend men who are subjected to violence."