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Turkey carries out an airdrop in Kurdistan region

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Date: 2020-06-26T15:57:47+0000
Turkey carries out an airdrop in Kurdistan region

Shafaq News/ Director of Darkar sub-district, "Zervan Moussa”, told Shafaq News agency, on Friday, that the Turkish army carried out an air drop and clashed with members of PKK, north-east of Zakho district in Duhok, where Turkey aims to establish military bases.
Meanwhile, witnesses told Shafaq News Agency that battles also erupted, this morning, between the two parties, when Turkish airplanes and artillery attacked Kishani village, in Bativa district, whose director, Delshir Abdul-Sattar, confirmed the bombardment of Minini in the same area.
On June 17, Turkey launched the "Claw-Tiger” operation against PKK in Kurdistan, resulting in many causalities.