2019-12-15 11:58:39

Shafaq News / The Supreme Judicial Council discussed in its session on Sunday, the role of the Supreme Judicial Council in light of the issuance of the Electoral Commission Law.

The council said in a statement received by Shafaq News that "at the time the council expresses its reservations regarding the inclusion of judges in the election commission council, and that the council has previously objected it during the discussions that preceded the approval of the law and expressed its opinion that the judges will not participate in the executive and supervisory work in the council of the electoral commission, and the role of the judiciary should be limited to hearing appeals submitted to the decisions of the Electoral Commission Board through the Appeals Board in the Court of Cassation.

He added, "The point of view of the Supreme Judicial Council has not been taken, therefore, and with the issuance of this law to be applied by all concerned parties, including the judiciary, the Judicial Council discussed the law enforcement mechanism and the selection of judges and members of the State Council in this council and decides to approach the judiciary council in Kurdistan to nominate a number of judges from the region to hold the draw  in the Judicial Council and choose two of them, as well as approaching the State Council to nominate a number of advisors so that the Judicial Council can choose two of them, in addition to requesting the presidents of the courts of appeal in all governorates to nominate those who meet the stipulated conditions in the law preparing for the drawing of lots and choose five of them, in the presence of the representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations and the media wishing to attend. "