2020-04-18 14:06:47

Shafaq News / The Supreme Committee to combat Corona Virus in Sulaymaniyah Governorate decided to reopen parts of the big market in the center of the governorate tomorrow, Sunday

The Committee member Salar Sarrawi said in a statement to Shafaq News, that after the implementation of the first stage, the committee will meet to implement the second stage to reopen some places in Sulaymaniyah market and Ordzi, Kawa and Birmard streets.

He added, "After that we will evaluate the situation, and if the second stage succeeds and few cases of corona remains, we will implement the third stage and life will return to normal in Sulaymaniyah."

The Supreme Committee to combat Corona Virus is scheduled to meet to the governorate at 5 p.m. to implement the second phase to return normal life to the governorate.

Currently, only 16 people infected with Corona virus are in hospital, while 4 died and 110 have recovered completely.