2020-03-12 10:43:43

Shafaq News / Asaish Security Directorate in Sulaymaniyah governorate called on Thursday the residents to inform them of any gatherings   in the governorate.

"We call on all citizens to inform Asaish forces of any place or where there is gathering," the directorate said in a brief statement today.

For his part, the Director of Public Health in Sulaymaniyah, Dr. Sabah Hawrami announced monitoring 10 suspected cases of the emerging corona virus, expressing his regret that these people attended a condolence council.

Hawrami said in a press conference today that "10 suspected cases of corona infection are found in Sulaymaniyah, unfortunately they recently visited a condolence council."

He appealed to the residents to abide by the issued health instructions, adding that the funeral councils and places that witness a population crowd are a source of the outbreak of Corona virus.