2019-10-17 07:29:03

Shafaq News/ Sulaimaniyah provincial police directorate confirmed on Thursday that the death of journalist (Amanj Babani) and his family was caused by a suicide.

"Unfortunately, there was a painful accident last night in front of   Shahrazur garage in Sulaimaniyah resulted in the death of three people, Amanj Mohammad Nuri, born in 1979, Lana Mohammed Saleh, born in 1990 and Hamo Amanj Muhammad 3 years old ,”police said in a statement.

"We announce to the public that, according to police investigations, the incident was caused by a suicide operation," the statement said, referring to details of the incident later in the day.

It is noteworthy that (Amanj Babani) is the presenter of “without borders” program that discusses social issues through the Kurdish channel NRT.