2020-03-24 12:55:49

Shafaq News / Kirkuk Governorate announced on Tuesday an initiative to distribute food baskets families in need, after the imposition of a curfew in the province in the framework of preventive measures against Corona virus.

Shafaq News reporter said that a voluntary fund has been created to support the people of Kirkuk in the governorate's cultural center.

He added that the first campaign was launched by distributing a food basket to more than 1,200 families in need as a first meal.

And that the campaign included all the components of Kirkuk.

The crisis cells in all of the governorate of Iraq imposed a curfew and tightened the procedures after a significant outbreak of Corona virus, which affected the poor families who live on their daily bases.

Barzani Charitable Foundation has previously announced the provision of food baskets to families with low incomes, in line with the decision to curfew in the cities of Kurdistan Region.