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No new Corona infections in Kurdistan for the eighth day in a row

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Date: 2020-05-12T22:30:33+0000
No new Corona infections in Kurdistan for the eighth day in a row

Shafaq News / The Ministry of Health of Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) announced on Tuesday recording no new infections with Corona virus in the region for the eighth day in a row.

In the statement No. 78 of the Ministry, reported to Shafaq News Agency, regarding its measures to counter the emerging COVID-19 virus in Kurdistan Region, the total number of people who have been quarantined so far has reached 10446 persons returning from outside the region while those who are in contact with infected people who have been confirmed to carry the virus reached 1056 people in quarantine including 32 different places, including 427 from Erbil, 136 from Sulaymaniyah, 500 from Dohuk, and 2 from Raprin.

The statement pointed out that 9390 people left quarantine and returned to their homes after spending 14 days in quarantine and were given successive laboratory tests that proved that they did not carry the virus, pointing out that 56 new people have been quarantined in the past 24 hours had.

The statement added that the ministry conducted 978 tests during the past 24 hours at the region level, including 393 in Erbil, 339 in Sulaymaniyah, 217 in Dohuk, 26 in Halabja, 1 in Raprin and  2 in Soran, pointing out that all the results were negative and that no new person infected with the virus.

The statement noted that the total number of tests conducted by the ministry since the beginning of the disease in the region reached 55002 tests.