2020-03-26 10:53:59

Shafaq News / The Minister of Health of Kurdistan Region, Saman Al- Barzanji, did not rule out on Thursday an extension of the curfew imposed in all provinces of the region if necessary.

Al-Barzanji said in a joint press conference that he held with the Governor of Halabja, Azad Tawfiq today that if necessary, we know that the interest of citizens in controlling the virus is by extending the curfew, and we will surely advance the interest over everything

For his part, the Director of Sulaimaniyah Health department, Dr. Sabah Hawrami called in his Facebook post the provincial government to extend the curfew until mid-April.

It is noteworthy that the Ministry of Interior of Kurdistan Region had extended the curfew until the beginning of April, as part of preventive measures to reduce the outbreak of Corona virus.

According to the latest statistics issued by the provincial health ministry, the number of people infected with the virus reached 103 cases, including two deaths.