Masrur Barzani sets key points in talks with Baghdad

Category: Kurdistan

Date: 2019-07-31T12:55:22+0000

Shafaq News/ The Prime Minister of Kurdistan Region, Masrur Barzani considered on Wednesday that compensating the families of Anfal operations’ victims materially and morally is one of the most important points in the dialogues between Erbil and Baghdad to resolve differences and outstanding issues between the two sides.

Barzani said in a statement on the occasion of the 36th anniversary of Anfal operations against Barzanis that the genocide against 8,000 Barzani and Anfal of Karamyan as well as the bombardment of Halabja by chemical weapons did not weaken our people, but increased their steadfastness and struggle for their rights.

"Today, 36 years of Anfal campaigns against Barzanis, this crime was the beginning of the Baathist nationalism wave against the people of Kurdistan, which later affected the areas of Karamyan and Badinan and bombing Halabja with chemical gases along with other Kurdish areas."

"The area of ​​Barzan and during a century has been destroyed, burned, bombarded and witnessed mass killings dozens of times, but all these practices did not discourage the determination of our people to withstand, confront and pursue the struggle for their rights,” he said.

“As a result of the sacrifices of our people, Peshmerga tournaments and the struggle of the loyalists of our people; we have been able to achieve many gains and the experience of Kurdistan Region proved that our people stayed while those who launched Anfal campaigns disappeared." Barzani added

He added that Kurdistan Regional Government will continue through the Ministry of Martyrs and Anfal in seeking to collect the rights of the victims’ families, noting that compensation of victims' families materially and morally will be one of the main points of the talks with the Iraqi government.