2019-10-24 09:40:23

Shafaq News/The Minister of Endowment and Religious Affairs in Kurdistan Region ,Pishtiwan Sadiq said on Thursday that many Iraqis came to Kurdistan region to live and settle here because of the recent situations in the country.

Sadiq said in a speech today in the capital Erbil that the number of Christians before 2003 in Iraq was one million people and after the fall , many of them emigrated and others displaced to Kurdistan region, "adding that the number of Christians now is 300 thousand Christians in Iraq.

He added that the Yezidi Kurds had also been subjected to killings and displacement and their numbers decreased in Iraq.

"Because of the recent situation in the country, many Iraqis came to the region because they feel safe and secure for themselves and their families, thanks to peaceful coexistence and the role of clerics in establishing a culture of moderation," he said.