2019-11-21 10:31:33

Shafaq News/ 27 Yazidi women and their children have arrived at Charles de Gaulle airport near Paris to start a new life in France which is the last group of Yezidi refugee women, AFP said

“ You are welcome in France, you will see, gradually your children will go to school and you have friends at home, '' said Eric Chevalier, director of the French Foreign Ministry's Crisis Center, at a brief reception after the women and their children disembarked from the plane from Erbil.

"What we have experienced in the last five years is inconceivable. Today France has opened its arms to us, we can only be grateful," a 30-year-old Yezidi woman told AFP.

"The first thing we want to do is learn the language, send our children to school later, our children will decide what they want to do with their lives,” she added.