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Kurdistan requests gas supply from Iran: Agency

Category: Kurdistan

Date: 2020-05-30T15:28:23+0000
Kurdistan requests gas supply from Iran: Agency

Shafaq News / The semi-official Iranian news agency, Ilna, reported on Saturday that Kurdistan Region requested to gas supply from Iran to meet its needs.

Kurdistan requested the purchase of Iranian gas in stages in order to meet its needs, and that it has also asked to study the conditions for supplying gas to neighboring and border cities with Iran, The agency quoted the director of the National Gas Company, Hassan Mudhat Turbati today.

He explained that the Iranian gas supply to Iraq is taking place through two border points " Naft Shahr " (West) and "Shalamjah" (southwest), pointing to "American pressure to replace it, which I consider difficult because the gas contracts require high initial investments and any alternative requires a period of time and serious investments. "