2019-12-24 12:42:47

Shafaq News / Kurdistan Integrity Commission announced on Tuesday that it had sentenced 41 convicted persons in financial and administrative corruption cases.

The Director General of the Legal Department of the Integrity Commission , Mosheir Rashid said in a press conference held today that there are 130 files related to corruption cases with the competent courts, 55 of which date back to previous years and have not yet been resolved, and 75 of them have been referred to the judiciary this year.

He added that the Integrity Court settled 75 files, 41 convicts were sentenced to prison terms, and 34 defendants were released in connection with those files.

Rashid added that of the total files of corruption sent to the judiciary, 59 were from Erbil Governorate, 43 files from Sulaimaniyah Governorate, and 24 files from Duhok Governorate.