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Kurdistan Parliament warns from the Turkish military operation

Category: Kurdistan

Date: 2019-10-15T13:11:44+0000
Kurdistan Parliament warns from the Turkish military operation

Shafaq News/ Kurdistan Parliament held a session on Tuesday to discuss the military operation launched by Turkish forces in Kurdistan of Turkey.

The meeting witnessed the discussion of the humanitarian conditions experienced by the regions of Kurdistan Syria as a result of that operation.

As The parliamentary blocs called in the speeches of representatives of the provincial government to provide the necessary assistance to the population in areas where military operations are taking place, and for the federal government in Baghdad to help in this.

The blocs stressed the need for unity of Kurdistan in the region and other parts of Kurdistan to face the risks that surround the entire nation.

The blocs confirmed that the military operation is an attempt to make a demographic change in the regions of Kurdistan -Syria, stressing the need to stop the process as soon as possible.

The blocs strongly criticized the withdrawal of US troops from Kurdistan Syria and silence of the international coalition about it while did not rule out that the Turkish military operation undermines the battle against ISIS and its return in areas in Iraq and Syria.