2019-12-15 11:05:27

Shafaq News / The Ministry of Finance and Economy of Kurdistan Regional Government announced on Sunday, the schedule of salaries for employees of all the remaining ministries.

The salaries of last September will be disbursed to the employees as follows:

Monday 16/12

The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs

Supreme Judicial Council

People with special needs

Tuesday 12/17

The Ministry of Natural Resources

The Ministry of Endowments and religious affairs

Higher education and scientific research

Wednesday 12/18

The Ministry of interior

Asayish Council and Foundation

Zirvani's forces

Emergency and defense

General Directorate of Nationality

Protection of oil installations police

Thursday 12/19

The Ministry of Municipalities and tourism

The Ministry of transportation

The Ministry of Electricity

The Ministry of Planning

The Ministry of Agriculture

Human Rights Commission

Integrity Commission

Investment Authority

Environment Agency

Mine Corporation

Kurdistan regions outside the administration of the region

Office of Financial Supervision

Electoral Commission

Sunday 12/22

The Ministry of construction

The Ministry of Culture and youth

The Ministry of Trade and Industry

Territory Presidency

Presidency of the Council of Ministers

Parliament Presidency

Military retirees

Monday 12/23

Civil retirees