2020-02-12 12:44:53

Shafaq News / Kurdistan Regional Council of Ministers held its regular session on Wednesday headed by Prime Minister ,Masrour Barzani.

A statement by the regional government stated that in the meeting attended by the heads of the Financial Supervision Bureau , the Integrity Public Prosecution Authority and the Prime Minister stressed the importance of implementing the Reform Law No. (2) for 2020.

Barzani said, "The reform process is a requirement by all citizens of Kurdistan Region and all parties. That is why we ask the parties, political parties and all concerned parties to work in a practical way to support the implementation of the law away from political bidding ."

He stressed that the reform process will continue and will include all sectors, adding: "We are working, within the framework of administrative and financial reform to organize and unify the revenues of Kurdistan Region, including oil and gas imports, so that they would be transparent and clear according to the program of work for the ninth ministerial formation."

The Prime Minister instructed the ministers to prepare a draft in 15 days that includes proposals for the curriculum and steps for implementing the reform law, so that it can be finalized before its entry into force as soon as possible.

It was decided in the meeting to form a supreme committee headed by the Prime Minister , the membership of the Deputy Prime Minister and the competent ministers to follow up the mechanism of implementing the reform law in Kurdistan Region.

The Cabinet also stressed the importance of the role of financial supervision institutions and the Integrity and Public Prosecution Authority in monitoring and following up the application of the aforementioned law.

The President of Kurdistan Region, Nechirvan Barzani has approved this reform law at the beginning of February related to the salaries , allowances of retirees and other financial benefits.

The parliament of the region had approved the law by a majority in a session at mid of last month and referred it to the presidency of the region for the purpose of ratification.