2019-12-10 08:01:33

Shafaq News / The official of the fifteenth branch of Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) in Khanaqin, Sheikh Jaafar Sheikh Mustafa announced that according to a new decision, the residents of 9 of its villages are being stripped from the Kurds in the vicinity of Khanaqin city in Diyala Governorate and immigrants are counted in order to expel them from their villages and replace others from the Arabs in their place , pointing out that this is a new type of Arabization.

Sheikh Mustafa said in statements in KDP website seen by Shafaq News, that Diyala governorate issued a decision that the Department of Immigration and Displacement will register the names of the residents of the villages located in the vicinity of Khanaqin city, who are from the Kurds in order to expel them and let Arab citizens in their place.

Sheikh Mustafa added that the villages are Mardan, Sherik, Hussein Mame, Muhammad Sherbak, Aziz, Ramadan, Shafiq, Jamil Bey and Ahmed, in order to know how many of them are to be considered immigrants and expelled from their villages, indicating that this matter is another type of Arabization.

Sheikh Mustafa said that although the security situation in Khanaqin was bad and the terrorist organization "ISIS" had reappeared, they were preoccupied with Arabization and 40 villages had been evacuated previously due to poor security conditions in the area.