2020-02-04 08:17:13

Shafaq News / Kurdistan Democratic Party bloc in the Iraqi parliament said that the "most prominent" challenge for Prime Minister-designate Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi is to satisfy the Iraqi street and prevent foreign interference.

Aram Balti, spokesman for the party’s bloc said in an interview reported to Shafaq News, "The most prominent challenge facing the assigned Prime Minister is to satisfy the Iraqi street and prevent blatant external interference through balanced relations, whether at the regional or international level, so that Iraq does not become a platform for settling accounts and not to be in the axes policy. "

He added, "As for the issue of commissioning, this matter is due to the main forces within the Shiite house, and we respect and support this option in order to achieve the demands of the demonstrators in accordance with legal and constitutional frameworks and contexts in order to extract the country from this predicament that we live in Iraq."

He stressed, "We do not want to burden the prime minister with certain demands and positions, except for the constitutional rights of the people of Kurdistan Region, by believing in the constitution and its implementation and abiding by the agreements concluded between the regional government and the federal government."

Allawi has 30 days from now to form his government and present it to the parliament to gain confidence. And this two months after the resignation of Adel Abdul Mahdi's government after bloody protests.