2018-10-16 10:40:00

shafaaq news/ The Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) announced on Tuesday that it is seeking to include a clause on the disputed areas in the government program for Adel Abdul Mahdi.
Party MP Biar Barwari told shaaq News that "the disputed areas must be jointly and civilly governed, not military. This is one of our most important demands during the next stage." This demand will be part of the government program for the government of Adel Abdul Mahdi. Include this requirement as an important and fundamental part of the program. "
Berwari said that "there is no direct contact with Prime Minister-designate Adel Abdul-Mahdi, but next week we will see the vision of the new government program, study it and add some observations."
According to Iraqi Constitutional Article No.140 of the 2005 constitution, the future of Kirkuk and other disputed areas was to be decided upon in three stages, beginning with normalization and then counting on a local referendum on its return, but this was not implemented due to political differences.
The disputed areas between the Iraqi government and the Kurdistan Regional Government include several cities, some of which have a Kurdish majority and are inhabited by different ethnic groups, most notably Kirkuk, Tuzakhurmatu, Sinjar and Khanaqin.