2019-09-09 11:01:23

Shafaq News/ A young man from Sulaymaniyah province died after falling under the wheels of a train in Crotone city in Italy, Summit Foundation for Refugees and Displaced Affairs in Iraq said on Monday.

The Foundation said in a statement today that a young man named (Masrur Bakhtiar Hama Saleh), 18-year-old born in Erbil from Sayed Sadiq district in Sulaymaniyah province fell on the morning of 7/9/2019 under the railway in Crotone village in Italy.

As for the transfer of the refugee’s body from Italy to Kurdistan region, the spokesman of the Foundation, Ari Jalal announced that (Qubad Talabani) , Deputy Prime Minister of Kurdistan Region has ensured the transfer of the body.