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Iraq reports 26 new COVID-19 cases; KRG says no new infections

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Date: 2020-04-19T20:44:28+0000
Iraq reports 26 new COVID-19 cases; KRG says no new infections

Shafaq News /The Iraqi Ministry of Health on Sunday said the authorities had recorded 26 new coronavirus infections over the past 24 hours, none of which were from the Kurdistan Region.
The ministry said in a statement that the dedicated teams had carried out 2,226 across laboratories in Iraq, excluding the Kurdistan Region; this brings the total number of tests to 56,147 since the outbreak first began.

It explained that 26 of the latest tests came back as positive, two of which were in Baghdad’s Al-Karkh, three in Madina al-Tib, one in Najaf, 17 in Basra, one in Wasit, one in Babil, and another one in Dhi Qar.

While there were no new deaths, the ministry said it recorded 56 cases of recovery
The ministry outlined the grand total as follows: total infections: 1539, total deaths: 82, total recoveries: 1009.

Meanwhile, the Kurdistan Region Ministry of Health on Sunday said all the 1,265 tests conducted over the past 24 hours came back as negative. The total number of confirmed infections is still 337, the ministry claimed. This marks the second day the Kurdistan Region has not recorded any new infections.

Four people died in Kurdistan Region and 260 people have recovered.

The Kurdish ministry statement called on citizens to continue to abide by the necessary precautionary measures issued by the authorities to limit new coronavirus transmissions and contact the 122 hotline with concerns about the disease.