2020-04-21 22:39:31

Shafaq news /The Ministry of Health of Kurdistan announced on Tuesday evening that no new cases of Corona virus were recorded within the past 24 hours.

Kurdistan has not recorded any coronavirus infections during the past four days.


A statement by the ministry reported to Shafaq News that the number of people who were in quarantine were (8347) .  The remaining of them is (1504) in (32) places (440) in Erbil and (167) in Sulaymaniyah and (859) in Dohuk (29) In Raprin.


He added that (6843) people left the quarantine after they had completed the prescribed period of 14 days, indicating that (22) people had been quarantined during the past 24 hours.


As for the total number of tests that were conducted during the past 24 hours, the statement confirmed that the ministry conducted (1132) tests, of which (331) were tested in Erbil, (289) tests in Sulaimaniyah, (450) in Dohuk, (11) tests in Halabja and  (51) tests in Soran, indicating that the results of the tests were all negative (there are no new patients).


The statement outlined the total number of people infected with the new COVID-19 virus in Kurdistan Region with (337) only, of whom (4) died, confirming that (292) patients had fully recovered while (41) people remained under medical care.