2019-12-24 11:36:51

Shafaq News / The Minister of Interior of Kurdistan Region, Riber Ahmed announced on Tuesday the Ministry's intention to proceed with the establishment of a special security unit to organize the work of the protections of officials in the region.

Ahmed said in a joint press conference held in the region's parliament with the member of parliament form Kurdistan Democratic Party, Hefdar Ahmed that "we highlighted in the reform law the issue of establishing a special security unit for the protection of officials in Kurdistan Region," adding that "I hope that this paragraph would be passed by law by voting on it inside Parliament. "

He explained that "what I have noticed and is gratifying is that there is strong support in Parliament to organize the field of protection work and establish that unit of theirs."

The minister added that "we pledged to Parliament that we will proceed soon to issue instructions regarding this unit, and soon we will have a meeting with the Parliament of the region for the purpose of having the establishment of that unit by a legislative approval."