2020-01-27 09:02:45

Shafaq News / Dozens of farmers demonstrated on Monday in front of Kurdistan Regional Parliament building in Erbil city to protest the federal government's failure to pay their financial dues for wheat crop.

The farmers from the four provinces of the region have organized a protest in front of the parliament building demanding to find a solution and pay their financial dues for 2014-2016.

The demonstrators also called for the regional government and parliament to form a joint committee to negotiate with the federal government to spend the remainder of their dues.

Baghdad sent last year an amount of 51 billion dinars to the region as a payment for farmers' dues.

The spokesman for the Ministry of Trade and Industry in the region, Fathi Muhammad, had said last year in a press statement that the Iraqi Ministry of Trade had sent another amount of 51 billion dinars to the farmers of the region, adding that 17 billion had been distributed to each province with the beginning of distribution.

He added that out of a total of 181 billion dinars in financial dues for the wheat crop in Kurdistan region, only 25 billion dinars remain in Baghdad, indicating that the full amount will be sent at the end of the year.