2020-03-24 08:43:46

Shafaq News / The Directorate of Endowments and Religious Affairs in Erbil  , the capital of Kurdistan Region, directed on Tuesday the need to alert the ban on movement of pedestrians after raising the call to prayer .

"In order to preserve the lives of citizens, according to the orders of the operating room in Erbil and Corona Virus Control Committee, which prohibits pedestrian mobility, it has been decided and from today, after the call to prayer in mosques, to call for the ban and stay at," the department said in a statement.

On Monday, Erbil governorate decided to take more stringent measures in the curfew.

According to a statement issued by a meeting held yesterday evening for Corona Virus Control Committee in the province under the supervision of the governor, Firsat Sofi, it was decided to prevent pedestrians except to purchase necessary necessities.

The statement pointed to the deployment of security forces in residential neighborhoods in the governorate center, districts and its suburbs to prevent citizens from roaming on foot and forcing them to stay in homes.

The statement also states that shopping malls and bakeries must comply with health authorities ’instructions otherwise they will be subject to legal accountability.

Corona Committee calls on citizens to stay home to abide by curfews in order to preserve their safety.